What are the Advantages and the Disadvantages of Living in Seattle, Washington?



To help you out with the question about what are the advantages and the disadvantages of living in Seattle, Washington, here’s Rachel Waldorf’s entertaining video about life in Seattle…





Advantages of Living in Seattle, Washington



1  The weather


The weather in Seattle, WA is quite different to anyplace else in the U.S.


Average highs in wintertime are, like… high, given just how far north the city is.


In January, in Seattle, the average high temp is 47 degrees F.


Let’s compare Seattle to other U.S. cities that have a more southerly latitude:


City                                 January High (Degrees F)

New York                     39

Detroit                           31

Washington DC        42



In fact, because of the mountainous area surrounding Seattle, because of the proximity of the Pacific Ocean, and because of the large bodies of water also surrounding Seattle, it never gets overly cold here, nor does it become too hot.


Many people don’t utilize air conditioning in Seattle, even throughout the peak summertime months.


The rain?


What rain?


From late June through early September, there’s no rain in Seattle.


And, well, okay, it does rain a lot between October and May.


However, there are very few heavy downpours. And the rain has a tendency of clearing away quite quickly in Seattle.



2  Tech industry for employment/ self-employment


In Seattle, WA, the tech industry is booming big time.


There’s Microsoft, there’s Amazon, there’s Boeing, and there are many others, too. All of them have corporate headquarters in Seattle, WA.


In turn, salaries here are quite a bit higher than for average cities.


Add to that, there are many tech-type startups here that go on to enjoy success.



3  Summer/ winter blend of outdoor activities


If you like hiking, you’ll find there are a metric ton of different hikes to do around Seattle, WA during the spring and summer months.


National Geographic rate Seattle among the top U.S. cities for hiking.


If you like the snow, Seattle is great for that, too – or at least being based in Seattle is a good thing.


Like skiing? How about snowboarding?


All six of these skiing/ snowboarding resorts are in Washington. Five of them are within a 2.5-hour drive of Seattle.



4  Public transportation in Seattle is superior


The bus systems and the light rail in Seattle, WA, are very good.


What’s more, they are to be expanded even further.


They – the buses and the light rail system – are always to schedule. Plus, it’s easy to get around when using them.


Then, there’s Uber and there’s Lyft. Both of these taxi-type services are prevalent in Seattle. To the point that it’s very rare to have to wait more than four or five minutes to get a driver.


Most people would agree that, in Seattle, you can live here and never own a car.



5  There’s traffic but it’s not so bad in Seattle


In comparison to the likes of Washington, LA, or to Detroit (at particular times), Seattle’s traffic is “easy-going.”


While it is a large city, with a population of around 725,000 (estimate for 2018), of course there will be traffic congestion at times.


But the traffic in Seattle is well managed.


What’s more is that because Seattle is very much a tech-type city, many folks work from home.


Then, what’s even more is, as mentioned, public transport in Seattle is very good.



6  City for walkers


Unlike ever so many cities in the U.S., Seattle is actually very good if you want to walk.


It’s quite easy to walk between neighborhoods and to walk to do your grocery shopping. Either that, or take the light rail or a bus.



7  Bugs are few and far between


Mosquitoes? Yes, there are. But not a lot.


Cockroaches? Very few.


Spiders? Very few.



8  Seattle is LGBTQ friendly


In Seattle, your sexual orientation is never going to be an issue. There’s little to no judgment. You are what you are and who cares?



9  Seattle is a city of pet lovers


In Seattle, people often treat their pets like people.


Pets are in grocery stores. Pets are in parks. Pets are almost everywhere in Seattle, WA.



10  Weed is legalized


And if you want to buy some, here’s where to get it in Seattle (and Tacoma).





Disadvantages of Living in Seattle, WA



1  Crime rate


According to stats from areavibes.com, Seattle’s crime rate is not looking too good.


With respect to general crime, which is all crime except for violent crime and property-related crime, Seattle’s crime rate averages at 69 percent higher than Washington State’s average crime rate.


What’s worse is that Seattle’s average crime rate is 115 percent higher than the national average crime rate.


How about violent crime in Seattle?


Not looking good here, either.


The violent crime rate in Seattle is 108 percent higher than the average in Washington.


The violent crime rate in Seattle is 65 percent higher than the nation’s average.


Property crime rate in Seattle?


66 percent higher in Seattle than the average for Washington State.


123 percent higher in Seattle than the nation’s average for property-related crime.



2  Homelessness


There’s a very large homeless population in Seattle.


In many places around the City you’ll see “tent cities.”


And because of the amount of homelessness, drugs have become a major issue in Seattle. Drugs is often related to crime.



3 Cost of living in Seattle is high


The cost of living in Seattle in general is high, it’s the cost of housing that really drives the overall cost of living in the City way upwards.


According to best places.net, whereby, their living indexes are based on the average for the U.S. – the average being 100…


… so, the U.S. has an average housing index of 100, right?


The average for Washington State is 197.8.


The average for Seattle…


… 407.4.



4  Major sports teams are not really a big “thing” in Seattle


NBA in Seattle? What NBA?


NHL in Seattle? Nope. No NHL here, either.


Football, yes. There is the Seattle Seahawks.


There’s soccer here, too. In the form of the Seattle Sounders.


But in terms of a major sports venue, Seattle isn’t really major league.



5  The “Seattle Freeze”


What is that, then? What’s the “Seattle Freeze“?


The “Seattle Freeze” refers to the social scene and how difficult it can be to “break into” this social scene.


It’s to do with the prevailing social attitude in the city.


Why does it occur?


It’s a transient city, whereby people come and go all the time.


As such, many Seattleites have opted to avoid forming any commitment when it comes to relationships. That is, unless they’ve known you – or at least known about you – for long enough.



6  Lacks traditional-style nightlife


Seattle isn’t recognized for its highlights in terms of clubbing.


That might be a disadvantage for you. Might not be a disadvantage for you.