What are the Advantages and the Disadvantages of Living in Jacksonville, Florida?



While most people consider Miami to be the most populous city in Florida, it’s actually not – it’s Jacksonville.


As a matter of fact, no city in Florida has a population of over 1 million. And yet, Florida is the United States’ third-most populous state. 


Jacksonville’s population, as of 2017, was estimated to be 892,062.


On the other hand, the metropolitan area of Jacksonville, which is the fourth largest populated metropolitan area in Florida, is estimated to be 1,523,615.


Originally, what is now Jacksonville was inhabited by the Timucua peoples. 


By 1556 the site had become a French colony and was among the earliest of European settlements in the U.S. 


In 1822, a town was established where Jacksonville now is. The town was given its name after the first Florida Territory military governor – Andrew Jackson. Jackson was to become the United States’ seventh president. 



Advantages of Living in Jacksonville, Fl


1  The weather.


For the most part, the weather in Jacksonville, Fl fits in perfectly with the advantages of being here – of living here.


It’s hot year round.


For those that like a bit of snow…


Well, Jacksonville, Fl, besides throughout the mild winter months, experiences a tropical climate. This city has not seen snow since way back in 1989.


How hot does it get in Jacksonville, Fl?


May experiences average highs of 86 degrees F in Jacksonville.


June sees average highs of 90 F.


July and August? 91 F.


September brings a little respite with average high temperatures of 88 degrees.


Florida, in general, “enjoys” a reputation for hurricanes.


However, because Jacksonville is located in the northeast corner of the State, the chances of experiencing hurricanes here are very much diminished.


The last hurricane to hit Jacksonville was one called Dora. Dora struck Florida in 1964.



2  The beaches.


It is, of course, very good fortune when a city such as Jacksonville is blessed with great beaches and great weather alike.


Jacksonville in Florida offers a plethora of superior beaches – either in Jacksonville or relatively near by.


According to Yelp reviews, here are the top nine beaches in or near Jacksonville, Fl.


1  Neptune Beach

2  Jacksonville Beach

3  Ponte Vedra Beach

4  Mickler’s Beach

5  Atlantic Beach

6  Little Talbot Island State Park

7  North Beach Guana River Preserve

8  Guana River State Park

9  Seaside Park



3  The parks.


You’ll find the United States’ largest urban park system in Jacksonville.


That consists of more than 80,000 acres over 262 designated parks.


Here are a few of the very best of them.


Memorial Park

Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

Boone Park

Castaway Island Preserve

Ed Austin Regional Park

Stockton Park



4  The golf.


Jacksonville is a home for golf and for golfing pros and amateurs alike.


Among the top golf courses here is the home of The Players’ Championship and PGA Tour HQ: TPC Sawgrass.


Have a look at the other top golf courses in Jacksonville.



Disadvantages of Living in Jacksonville, Florida


1  Cost of living.


It’s not so cheap to live in Jacksonville, Fl.


Jacksonville doesn’t rank in the U.S. top 100 cities in terms of affordability.


Jacksonville doesn’t even rank in Florida’s top places to live in terms of affordability.


If you’re looking for cheap places to live in Florida, you may prefer to consider Pine Manor, Southeast Arcadia, Live Oak, Perry, or Marianna.



2  Crime rate in Jacksonville, Fl. 


In accordance with stats collated by AreaVibes.com in 2019, Jacksonville suffers from a high crime rate.


To be more exacting, the City has a crime rate that is 42 percent higher than Florida’s average. Jacksonville has a crime rate that averages 51 percent above the national average.


In terms of violent crimes specifically, Jacksonville is 55 percent higher than Florida’s average. The City is 65 percent higher than the national average for violent crime rate.



3  Average income and unemployment.


Jacksonville doesn’t do too well here, either.


Again, in accordance to 2019 stats taken from AreaVibes.com, on a per-capita basis, income in Jacksonville is 5 percent lower than Florida’s average. The City’s income per capita is 12 percent lower than the national average.


Median income per household in Jacksonville is 1 percent lower than Florida’s average. Median income per household in Jacksonville is 13 percent lower than the nation’s average.


Both of these – the income per capita and the median income per household – demonstrate an areas’ job market strength.


As for unemployment, in Jacksonville, it currently stands at 6 percent (2019). That’s 2.4 percent higher than the nation’s average which stood at 3.6 percent as of April, 2019.




Do residents of Jacksonville, Florida like living in Jacksonville?

(Reference: Quora)


David Vega says:

I guess it depend on your definition on what’s nice.

Jax was listed top ten for best places to work in terms of job growth.

Of course, it depends where you live around town like any place.

You have the Beaches section (high) end, country sections and everything in between.

City still lacks Culture in general but it’s still growing and more of a younger vibe now.

Downtown still non-existent but plenty of neighborhoods around town to live (southside, riverside, orange park, beaches).

Not too far from St. Augustine a great tourist-type city.

Of course Orlando only 2hrs away.

I would say yes. Jax is a nice place to live.

Lots of waterways for boating / great beaches / close to all areas of entertainment.

Lots of British people living here, too.


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