What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Crossdressing?



Crossdressing is a very popular pursuit. Men crossdress; women crossdress; kids crossdress.


Some wives/ girlfriends want their husbands/ boyfriends to crossdress, often to fulfill a long-held fetish. Some wives/ girlfriends have no idea that their husbands/ boyfriends are crossdressing and possibly would be mortified if they found out. 



Perhaps you’ve been tempted to crossdress but you’re worried about the potential repercussions, of which there are, again, potentially, many.



Perhaps you’ve bought many crossdressing outfits, as well as toys, only to ditch them without using any out of concerns of what people may think if they were to find out.


You may have vowed to yourself “I’ll never do that again,” only to find out that the urge returns at some time later on.



There’s definitely an issue here, and goes something like this…


Is crossdressing really worth it (in terms of the fact you may lose almost everything you ever cared about)?


Your rational mind – almost every rational mind – would say, NO, it’s certainly not worth the risk.


However, the girl in you persists, so you can’t resist but to continue to crossdress.




Anyway, regardless of where you are with respect to your own desire or need to crossdress, what exactly are the advantages and disadvantages of crossdressing?


What are the pros and cons of crossdressing?


Let’s consider, at least a few of them, now.


Note that this article applies to the crossdressing male – male to female crossdressing.




Advantages of Crossdressing (i.e. why would you want to crossdress?)


1  If you love the look and feel of effeminate clothing/ attire/ perfumes, you may find yourself drawn to crossdressing.


Obviously, for you and your personal  circumstances, this would be regarded as a pro, given that you are fulfilling a desire/ need.


Crossdressing might make you feel a sense of freedom, where, otherwise, you feel trapped in a world that you don’t belong within. You are being honest with yourself. 



2  It can make you feel wonderful to be able to walk around outdoors, to shop and to socialize, as a “member” of the opposite sex.


Again, you feel free from a world that otherwise is confined and is unreal. 



3  You may really like effeminate postures and how many ladies speak.


And again, you have a need to”escape” to that role yourself. An escape to reality.



4  If you do have a partner, be that a wife or a girlfriend, “coming out” to them, while it can be extremely difficult to do – perhaps the most difficult thing you’ve ever done, it can, likewise, be the most liberating thing you’ve ever done in your entire life. 





Disadvantages of Crossdressing


1  If you are discovered as a crossdresser, you could lose your family, you could lose your career.


There’s a lot of risk involved for some.


Crossdressing can really complicate your life and you’ll frequently feel a sense of complete isolation.



2  There is a lot of preparation involved in crossdressing.


Not only can that preparation be problematic (how do you, as a man, go to stores to try out women’s clothing, for example?), but it can be a huge distraction to your usual life (the distraction can also be a good thing).



3  If you are “outed,” so to speak, you could be subjected to a lot of “freak” treatment.


Of course, there are plenty of possible repercussions that may occur because of this.



4  You may have to persistently hide long nails and shaven legs from others over a period of weeks, months, or even years.



5  There’s the cost factor, too – having to invest in male apparel for your “normal” life (which may feel abnormal), and having to invest in female apparel to fulfill your needs/ desires.



6  If you “get” with a man to fulfill intimate needs/ desires, there’s a risk for sexual disease.


So, do be sure to take the appropriate precautions before embarking.


Image by sammisreachers from Pixabay