Advantages and Disadvantages of Magic Mushrooms – Shrooms



Even though psilocybin, which is the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, otherwise called “shrooms,” is a pretty powerful psychedelic, it is 100 times less potent than LSD. 


Regardless, psilocybin comes with various potential medical benefits. 


But, of course, and on the other hand, there are various side effects that are not at all beneficial. 


Let’s consider the advantages and disadvantages of magic mushrooms. 





Advantages of Magic Mushrooms (Shrooms)


Note that the following advantages of taking “shrooms” are medical. There are other advantages besides medical but those are not listed here. 



1  Depression

One of the most researched indications for magic mushrooms, or at least the active ingredient psilocybin, is depression. 


Even the FDA has now bestowed it with a “breakthrough therapy” designation with respect to the treatment of depression. 



2  Psychological distress caused by cancer

Preliminary results are due on studies involving psilocybin’s effects on treating anxiety in people that have advanced-stage cancer. 


A trial at Johns Hopkins in 2016 was responsible for finding that even a single dose of psilocybin greatly decreased depression in people that were diagnosed with cancer that was life threatening. 



3  Cessation of addiction to smoking and cessation to other addictions

While the study was small, researchers at a Johns Hopkins University Trusted Source found that therapies of psilocybin helped in abstaining from smoking. 


Psilocybin is also said to treat alternative addictions, including an addiction to cocaine and to alcohol. 






Disadvantages of Magic Mushrooms


1  Mental illness

When magic mushrooms are consumed by people that suffer from a variety of mental illnesses – schizophrenia or panic disorder, for example – it can bring about behavior patterns that are highly erratic and dangerous. 



2  Nausea

When magic mushrooms are consumed, even in smaller quantities, they can cause nausea and upset stomach. 


It can also cause vomiting though only when the mushrooms are in a decayed state. 


When vomiting occurs, it’s not caused by psylocibin. Rather, it is because of bacteria or contaminated microbes. 



3  Fear

Feelings of fear, uneasiness and paranoia have been reported from magic mushroom “users.”


Further, “shrooms” can bring about visual imagery and auditory hallucinations. 


Shroom users may well be entirely aware of what they are hearing and what they are seeing, but magic mushrooms can cause doubt as to authenticity and reality. 



4  Physical weakness

Shrooms can cause a feeling of being physically weak and even immobile. 


These sensations normally only occur when large doses of shrooms are consumed. 



There are various other side effects of shrooms such as paranoia and stomach ache (otherwise known as “gut rot”).


Alternatively, users can feel tired, disoriented, or physically sick. 


Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay