Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer-Based Learning


What is computer-based learning (CBL)?


Simple, really. Computer-based learning, otherwise known as CBL, refers to learning – any form of learning, that involves computers.

Another name for computer-based learning is computer-aided instruction.

How about advantages and disadvantages of CBL?





Advantage of Computer-based Learning



1  The computer-based learning course can be taken at your own pace of study. Often, depending on the course, there is no particular start or end date, and you, as a student, can take as long as you like to complete the course.



2  You can choose when and where to study. You can study at 2am or 2pm. You can study weekdays or at the weekends. You can study at home or at work.



3  For many computer-based learning courses there’s plenty of multimedia usage thereby making it more interesting for the student. For example, video content.



4  Again, depending on the course, there may be activities like online games or interactive quizzes to boost knowledge and help with understanding.



5  Some courses utilize pre-assessment so that courses can be better tailored to student need.



6  Motivation can be improved through personalized targets being established. This can help with personal course progress.



7  Computer-based courses that are distance learning cater to students that are perhaps located too far from traditional learning venues, and to those that have hectic daily schedules, maybe because of kids or work.







Disadvantages of Computer-based Learning



1  It can prove to be tricky to maintain momentum and to regain motivation to continue to study over the longer term.



2  Depending on the course, for the most part, computer-based learning courses don’t involve much physical, hands-on interaction. Training is mostly of an audio-visual format.



3  Linear-type computer-based learning courses can prove to be frustrating to the student because some sections of the course the student may already be very familiar with.



4  Computer-based learning entails little interaction with other students. However, many CBL course now include forums for students.



5  Computer-based learning courses don’t tend to be pressurized in order to complete the course materials. Many students find this to be de-motivating.



6  Some students have a tendency to “skip-read” course content as a way to complete the course asap. Obviously, in this case, depth of learning is going to be fairly superficial at best. 



7  Because there’s little to no interaction with fellow students, for some, CBL courses are boring and they soon lack motivation. 



8  For some activities/ courses, hands-on is the only way to learn. For example, driving, swimming, etc. Computer-based training courses can only provide support here. As an example: Improving your technique.