What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Zone Diet?



What is the Zone Diet?


The Zone Diet was “invented” by Dr. Barry Sears.


It’s a diet that works around what Dr. Sears believes to be the appropriate amount of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in terms of human consumption requirements.


Dr. Sears believes that when we focus on pre-calculated ratios, it helps in maintaining insulin levels correctly.


In turn, the fat-burning processes in our bodies are heightened.


The pre-conceived caloric ratios for the Zone Diet are 40 percent carbs, 30 percent fats, and 30 percent proteins.


Like almost every diet, the amount that we eat is also important as a factor in losing weight. As such, dieters must monitor food portion sizes.


Besides three core meals daily, the Zone Diet encourages dieters to enjoy two snacks each day.


With respect to the type of carbohydrates consumed, the Zone Diet focuses on “healthy” carbs.


“Healthy” carbs are considered to be those that are found in fruit and vegetables.


However, carbohydrates that are heavier in starch content, including pastas and breads, should be avoided.


Let’s consider some of the advantages and disadvantages for dieters that wish to utilize the Zone Diet to meet their weight-loss needs.




Advantages of the Zone Diet


1  If rapid weight loss is a goal, the Zone Diet can help to achieve that goal.


2  The Zone Diet encourages sensible eating habits, including control of portion sizes and reduction of sugar.


3  Dieters have said that, in general, cravings for processed carbohydrates tend to lessen after just a few days of being on the diet.


4  The Zone Diet very much encourages the consumption of fruit and vegetables.


5  Carbohydrates should be consumed as part of the Zone Diet. This is of benefit in comparison to various other fad-type diets – diets that involve the intake of all carbohydrates.


6  For anyone that suffers from allergic reactions to yeast, certain grains, or wheat, the Zone Diet is a completely appropriate choice.





What About the Disadvantages of the Zone Diet?


1  While rapid weight loss is also listed as an advantage, many dieters already know that when rapid weight loss is a goal and is then achieved, oftentimes, rapid weight gain quickly follows.


2  There are some relatively severe restrictions involved in the Zone Diet. These restrictions include the avoidance of consuming various vitamins and minerals.


3  The Zone Diet is not a cheap diet to follow.


4  For some people, the Zone Diet is impractical. Some dieters have said that it’s not easy to fit this diet around their particular lifestyle.


5  There’s quite a bit of effort and time involved in sorting out portion sizes and ratios. As such, for those that have very busy lifestyles, the Zone Diet may not be an appropriate choice of program.


6  This Diet is said by some dieters to be quite complex and confusing to follow.


Image by skeeze from Pixabay