What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of School Homework?



Most parents like their kids to have homework.


Most, if not all, teachers are happy to give homework to their students.


But, most, if not all, students, don’t like homework. And, most, if not all, students, would prefer to have zero homework.


Who’s right and who’s wrong?


Should kids be given school homework?


Or should the concept of homework from school be ditched?


Is homework really necessary?


Let’s consider the advantages and the disadvantages of homework.




Advantages of School Homework


1  Kids don’t spend enough time working at school so homework helps to make up for the shortfall.

In this way, homework provides students with additional time in which to master a particular subject.


An average school day is taken up with a multitude of activities. The provision of homework complements academic studies that cannot be covered during school time for lack of time.



2  Enhanced knowledge.

Touching on the previous point, the provision of homework allows students to improve their overall knowledge of a subject.


This improvement of knowledge may come by re-covering what was discussed in class, or it may come by researching new materials.



3  The habit of further study is enhanced; helps reduce time wasted on activities such as Facebook, computer games and TV.

Through home-based project work and assignments, students can acquire beneficial study habits early on.


The utilization of technological gadgets to help with home-based studies and research makes for a beneficial alternative to utilizing those same technological gadgets to waste time gossiping on FB or playing computer games.



4  Homework helps to prepare for the “real” world after academic studies are complete.

In addition to the learning process that homework enhances, the “real” world – the world after academic life – always involves handling tasks once the work day is complete.


The provision of school homework helps students to prepare for this “real” world – helps students to be more responsible.



5  Helps to provide a more disciplined approach. 

When students have homework to complete they must prioritize so as to complete the task/s given.


Essentially, this means setting aside time to focus on homework encourages discipline and focus.



6  Bonding time with parents.

Parents that regularly help their children with their homework can find that time spent together to be essential for bonding.






Disadvantages of School Homework


1  School homework is not very effective at achieving the goal. 

There are opponents to school homework that say the provision of homework does, in no way, provide a guarantee that a student will benefit. 


Perhaps this is because parents help out too much, or fellow students take on the burden of others and do their homework for them. 


Of course, some parents do take a very active part in helping with homework, while others do nothing. 



2  Homework can be stressful. 

For many students, particularly the younger-aged students, having a lot of, or even any, homework can be stressful. 


Homework, when regarded as stressful, does not necessarily provide benefits. Rather, it can be a negative influence, leading to students losing interest and losing motivation to perform well. 



3  School homework serves as a burden.

After a long day at school, it’s expected that a typical student, more so the younger-aged student, will be tired.


Trying to memorize pages from a book or tackle math problems in the evening after an eight-hour-long day at school is far from ideal. There’s little benefit to be had because a tired mind is not a productive mind. 





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