Advantages and Disadvantages of Aerobic Exercise



If you’re not active and you get more active, it’s likely going to be of benefit to your health – your physical and your psychological  health.


Aerobic exercise, well, it can be low in physical impact, your heart rate will rise to the point where your body will burn fat, and, in relation to that, you can, through aerobic exercise alone, achieve your weight-loss goals effectively. 


Of course, it’s not all smelling of roses.


There are disadvantages to aerobic exercise, too.


Let’s check out the advantages of aerobic exercise and also the disadvantages. 




Advantages  of Aerobic Exercise


1  Aerobic exercise can be done where and when you want (within reason, of course)

There’s no need to schedule your aerobic exercise routine if you’re not inclined to do so. 


You can exercise during your lunch break at work, if you prefer. 


There’s no need for any specialized equipment. 


As such, aerobic exercise is among the most versatile of options. 



2  Increases metabolism

After you reach the point of burning calories during your aerobic exercise routine, those calories will continue to burn for up to 24 hours. 


What’s more, it doesn’t take long before you can achieve calorie burn-off. Fifteen minutes of high-intensity aerobic exercise per day is enough before “the burn” commences.



3  Social activity

Aerobic exercising does not have to be boring. 


You might like to run. Perhaps you like to run in a group. Maybe you prefer to listen to podcasts or music when you run. 


Or, how about jogging, dancing, cycling, walking. All of these activities can be achieved while going solo or as group activities. 



4  Easy aerobic

Enjoying (or not enjoying, as the case may be) aerobic exercise activities daily is part of human nature.


Sometimes, or oftentimes, we run, for whatever reason – catch the bus? Perhaps we’re late for something. 


Most people walk every day.


We can choose to cycle – perhaps to work or out with the kids.


It’s easy to incorporate aerobic exercise into normal daily routines. 



Disadvantages of Aerobic Exercise


1  Costly equipment

While you don’t need to invest a lot in exercise, you can invest a lot. 


Even for jogging outdoors, you can go way overboard with regards to the financial investment. Jogging outfit, jogging shoes, tracking equipment.


But, if you decide to invest in aerobic exercising equipment, then you’re talking serious investment.



2  Aerobic exercise can be rough on the joints

Anyone who already has joint issues can find aerobic exercise to be a tough nut to crack. 


If you do have joint-related problems, swimming may be the best option for you.



3  Do you get bored easily?

Many people opt for group aerobic exercise activity because going solo can become very boring indeed. 


It’s all too easy to swap out a boring aerobic exercise routine for something else – something else “that I really need to do instead.”



4  No weight training

This can be a good thing – not everyone wants to partake in weight-training activities.


Nevertheless, simply doing light weight-training activities can really burn off those calories, even more so than aerobic exercise. 


If you can incorporate weight training into your exercise regime, there will be additional benefits. 


What’s more, incorporating other types of exercises provides for good variation. Good variation cuts down on the potential for boredom. And boredom can kill off even the highest level of motivation.



Photo by RUN 4 FFWPU from Pexels